Konrad Bartecki

MCSD .NET Developer
Based in Warsaw, Poland

Konrad is a .NET developer with extensive back-end and mobile background delivering projects from various industries like FinTech, data migration, legacy apps support & refactor while working for companies like Microsoft Partner Of The Year of Poland 2015, 2020 with good all-around knowledge about Microsoft products and services

My tech stack:

  • Languages: C#, F#, SQL, PowerShell, JavaScript
  • Frameworks: ASP.NET, Blazor, Xamarin, WPF, UWP, Svelte
  • Tools: Azure, Linux, Active Directory, Office365
  • Favourite NuGets: FluentAssertions, Moq, NUnit


I had a pleasure to work with Konrad for last few months. During that time Konrad has been always eager to learn new technologies and seek better solutions. I appreciate our countless discussions on how to improve team's productivity and project management. On top of that, he has been always willing to listen to feedback and implement suggestions. Besides speaking only about tech stuff, we could always discuss non-work related matters.

Damian Antonowicz
Damian AntonowiczMicrosoft MVP

Konrad worked in Predica first as intern, than junior developer in mobile and then .NET technologies. I was happy to be his manager for some of his time in Predica. His first big asset is passion. He is passionate about programming, and if you give him challenging projects that spark this passion, he will go to great lengths to deliver it and additionally spread his passion to the team. His second big asset is that he always came to me with questions, suggestions, did not wait for things to 'lay around'. I really appreciated this approach as it is so rare these days with people - being proactive, not passive.

Andrzej Lipka
Andrzej LipkaCEO of Predica